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"Jade not only introduced us to hypnobirthing but gave us quite an education in childbirth in general and we were actually amazed how uninformed we were previously considering what we were about to go through! I was always a bit apprehensive about giving birth but Jade really got me feeling excited after every session and answered all of our questions no matter how obvious or obscure they might be. I would definitely use hypnobirthing and Jade again in the future should we be lucky enough to have any more babies!"

Kayleigh, Aberdeen




"I breathed my way through a very fast labour and easily gave birth to my 10lb 3oz (�) baby! I required no stitches and only gas and air. I had originally planned for a home water birth but due to being so overdue gave birth in hospital where the pool wasn't available. My relaxed and positive approach definitely helped me deal with the sudden changes to my planned birth which was undoubtedly thanks to my sessions with Jade. I highly recommend Jade. I'm still using the breathing techniques two weeks post partum to help me with the discomfort of breast feeding."

Gayna, South Aberdeenshire

"Jade made us feel at ease right away and her passion for hypnobirthing was evident and infectious. It was wonderful to have that dedicated space for us to think, talk and prepare for our little one's arrival and such a far cry from midwife appointments. Jade is so knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth. Her advice and guidance empowered us make the decisions that felt right for us and face our baby's birthing day with confidence. The hypnosis element of Jade's course was deeply relaxing, akin to guided meditation. I left each session feeling great. Two weeks after our final session I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, it was very close to the birth that Jade had helped me visualise and that I had practiced for daily throughout pregnancy and I'm very thankful for Jade and her wonderful course for enabling me to look back on our family's birthing experience with pride and happiness."

Claire, Aberdeen


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